Growth, yield and quality of banana in relation to N fertigation

K. Srinivas


The growth and yield response of banana to N fertilization through drip irrigation (fertigation) and direct soil application were studied at the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore, India during 1992-94. Plant height, stem girth, leaf number, and leaf area index increased with N application and with N fertigation although the increase was not significant beyond 100 g N plant-1 applied through drip. The nutrient uptake (N, P, and K) was also higher with 100 g N plant-1 applied through drip compared to direct soil application. The fruit yields were highest with 300 g N plant-1 fertigation but the differences were not significant above 100 g N. However, the yields increased with soil-applied N up to 200 g both in the plant and the ratoon crops.


Banana; N fertigation; Growth; Yield; Quality

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