Antifungal properties of the volatile fraction of Melaleuca leucadendron

N.K. Dubey, N. Kishore, S.K. Singh, A. Dikshit


Recently some higher plants and their constituents have proved successful in providing harmless fungicides because of their lesser phytotoxicity, more systemicity and easily biodegradable nature (Fawcett & Spencer 1970; Beye 1978) in contrast to some synthetic fungicides which often impose several bad side-effects. In the present project, the volatile fraction of leaves of Melaleuca leucadendron which has been reported to contain antifungal activity (Chaurasia & Vyas 1977), was evaluated for its activity against Rhizoctonia solani which causes severe damping-off of seedlings of some agricultural crops.


Fungi; Melaleuca leucadendron; Leaves

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