A comparison of the rock phosphatemobilizing capacities of various crop species

E.N. Flach, W. Quak, A. van Diest


The rock phosphate-mobilizing capacity of three cereals was tested in a pot experiment. It was shown that this capacity increased in the order maize < pearl millet < finger millet. This was also the order of increasing quantities of calcium absorbed by the three species. It is reasoned that the shift in mass-action equilibrium of alkaline rock phosphates was not present in finger millet and therefore could not account for its rock-phosphate mobilizing capacity. The results obtained with the millet species in this experiment do not support the general view that millet belongs to the category of plants incapable of utilizing rock phosphate-P.


Alkaline uptake pattern; Cowpea; Finger millet; Maize; Mass action equilibrium; Pearl millet; Rock phosphate-Mobilizing capacity

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