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West Indian Veterinary Journal
Cultivating Scientific Communities of Practice: Will it lead to the Next Great Wave of Innovation?
Golda Dennis

Today when we scan our environment, we are likely to observe numerous examples of the accumulated body of knowledge produced by various professional groups within society. In particular, the ongoing knowledge creation efforts of the scientific community continue to be of significance because when new knowledge is transferred to other industries this often leads to knowledge transformation in the form of innovation. In the last one hundred years or so, the world has seen rapid advancements in technology which promised a future of abundance and prosperity for future generations. However the recent financial crisis dealt a sharp blow to the upward trend of wealth creation which came pouring out of the industrial era. Now, as global recovery efforts are underway new emphasis is being placed on wealth creation through the spreading of ideas and knowledge creation with the hope of re-building more robust knowledge-based economies that would be more innovative than before. It is our belief that this objective can be achieved through cultivating scientific communities of practice which would foster the next great wave of innovation.