ISSN: 2223-2133 (Online), 1815-8986 (Print)
Vol 6. Number 1, November 2006
Leptospirosis harjo-bovis: A Silent Profit Robber
K. Anderson

Objective: To inform people of the potential financial losses due to infertility, early embryonic deaths, and culled cow expenses. To review the available diagnostic methods, treatments, prevention methods, and modes of transmission of Leptospirosis hardjo-bovis.

Leptospirosis hardjo-bovis is a genetically distinct serovar that the standard L5 vaccines do not contain. Leptospirosis hardjo-bovis is host-adapted to cattle. Cattle serve as a reservoir to continue shedding the organism. Leptospirosis hardjo-bovis colonizes in the kidneys and reproductive tract. Testing is very difficult for the organism. Animals with a history of fertility problems should be tested. Leptospirosis hardjo-bovis can cause infertility, early embryonic death, decreased milk production, and decreased weaning weights. Prevention is the best solution to avoid the economic consequences that this organism can cause.