ISSN: 2223-2133 (Online), 1815-8986 (Print)
Vol. 9, Number 2, December 2009
Doxycycline treatment of asymptomatic dogs seropositive for Ehrlichia canis
Marta Lanza-Perea, Sachin Kumthekar, Arathy Sabarinath, Sandor Karpathy, Ravindra Sharma, Diana Stone
In Grenada, West Indies dogs are at frequent exposure to the rickettsial pathogen, Ehrlichia canis, as demonstrated by high seroprevalence rates. However, many of these seropositive dogs are clinically normal. In this study we identifed clinicially normal, E. canis seropositive dogs and assigned half to an antibiotic treatment group and half to no treatment group. All dogs were evaluated for the presence of E. canis DNA by PCR on whole blood before, during and after treatment. Only one seropositive dog was also PCR+ before treatment. Out results suggest that most clinically normal, E. canis seropositive dogs in a high endemic geographical area are not concurrently infected and this routine treatment of clinically normal, seropositive dogs is not warranted.