ISSN: 2223-2133 (Online), 1815-8986 (Print)
Vol. 9, Number 2, December 2009
An outbreak of Avian Encephalomyelitis in Tamil Nadu State of India
Parimal Roy, S Hemalatha, S Vairamuthu, V Purushothaman, A Chandramohan, G Karunamurthy, A Koteeswaran, B Muralimanohar
Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE) was recorded in 7-day old Ross strain of broiler shickens showing clinical signs of ataxia, lateral recumbency and mild tremors. In a flock of 10,000 birds, 12% died with producing fross pathological lesions. Diagnosis of the disease was done based on virus isolation in embryonated chicken's eggs, demonstration of hexagonal virus particles in purkinje cells of cerebellum by electron microscopy and congirmation by agar gel immunodiffusion test using AE specific antiserum.