ISSN: 2223-2133
Influence of Large Ovarian Follicles During Early Pregnancy Period on Viability of Early Fetus in High Producing Dairy Cows
Kailasam Murugavel, Irina García-Ispierto, Fernando López-Gatius

Several non-infectious causes have been related to the pregnancy loss during the late embryonic/early foetal period in dairy cattle. However, there is no report on the effect of presence of large follicular structures on the ovary during early pregnancy period on early pregnancy loss in dairy cows. The present study was undertaken to examine the influence of presence of large follicles (more than 13 mm diameter) on pregnancy loss in high yielding dairy cows. A total of 449 singleton pregnant high yielding HF dairy cows were examined in the present study. Out of 449 animals, 79 had at least one large follicular structure (≥ 14 mm diameter). A total of 40 pregnancy losses (8.9%) were recorded during second pregnancy diagnosis done between day 90-96 post insemination. The number of pregnancy loss were 31 (8.4%) and 9 (11.4%) in cows without and with large follicular structures, respectively. Analysis of results revealed that there is no significant influence of presence of large follicle on pregnancy loss during early stage of gestation in high producing dairy cows. However, inseminating bull effect on early pregnancy loss has been recorded in the present study.