ISSN: 2223-2133
The Management of an Equine Stromal Abscess with the use of a Conjunctival Pedicle Flap
Gillian Williams, Samantha Montserrin

A four-year-old thoroughbred mare was evaluated for a stromal abscess of the right cornea. She presented with lacrimation, blepharospasm, severe corneal oedema and deep corneal vascularization, which are signs consistent with severe anterior uveitis. Surgery was done to debride the affected cornea, and a conjunctival pedicle flap was placed was placed over the resulting corneal defect. The flap was trimmed eight weeks after placement and there was complete resolution of the uveitis and return of vision of the eye. This case demonstrates that conjunctival pedicle grafts are a good option for the treatment of deep corneal wounds especially when donor cornea is not available. It is also the first case where a corneal pedicle graft has been used in the horse in Trinidad and Tobago.