ISSN: 2223-2133
Transmissible Venereal Tumor with Uterine Implantation in a Pomeranian Bitch
Antoine Dourey, Madhavan Nair Gopalakrishnanan Nair, Raphel Marie Draviam Alphonse, Mantena Satyanarayana Raju, Khub Chandra Varshney

A three-year-old Pomeranian crossbred bitch of 6kg body weight was presented to the Teaching hospital with prolonged intermittent sero-sanguineous and hemorrhagic vaginal discharge. The animal had a history of unilateral removal of one uterine horn. A multi-lobulated vegetative growth was observed in the vaginal passage. Exfoliate cytology of Leishman-Giemsa stained vaginal smear revealed high cellularity. Individual neoplastic cells had round nuclei, fine to granular chromatin pattern, prominent nucleoli with and frequent mitotic figures suggestive of TVT. Following excision of the vaginal growth, the bitch recovered without any complication. After three months, the condition recurred with hard palpable mass in the lower abdominal area, which was found to be radiolucent. Cytological study of the discharge showed evidence of TVT. Exploratory laporotomy through right flank approach revealed an intact right uterine horn and ovary and a healed stump of the left horn. A hard mass observed in the cervical area was exteriosized. The mass along with the uterine horn and ovary was removed. The mass, which was pale red, fleshy in consistency, measured about 2 cm in diameter was histopathologically confirmed as TVT based on the characteristic round to ovoid shaped neoplastic cells arranged in compact masses or sheets with minimal stroma. In the affected part of the uterus, endometrium was completely replaced by the neoplastic growth. After a span of three months, the animal again showed sero-sanguinous vaginal discharge, the cytology of which confirmed the recurrence of the neoplasm. The animal was placed on chemotherapy with vincristine (vincristine sulphate) at a dose rate of 0.5-0.8 mg/m2 BSA per week by intravenous route at weekly intervals for three weeks. The animal recovered well and subsequently did not show any signs of illness.

Key Words:Pomeranian bitch; Transmissible veneral tumour; uterine implantation.