ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)
Volume 93, Number 4
Research Papers
The effect of feeding toasted Bambara nut (Vigna subterranea (L) verdc) offal and supplementary enzyme on performance of broiler chicks. (271)
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<br />The objectives of the study were to evaluate the performance, cost implications and haematological traits of feeding varying dietary levels of toasted bambara nut offal (TBO) (0, 10, 15 and 20%) with supplementary enzyme, 2 enzyme levels, (0 and 0.02%) to one hundred and twenty 14-day old mixed sex commercial broiler chicks (Anak strain) that were randomly divided into eight treatment groups of 15 birds each. Feed intake increased significantly (P<0.05) while final body weight, daily weight gain, total weight gain, feed efficiency and protein efficiency ratio decreased (P<0.05) with increasing levels of TBO in the diets. The costs of daily and total feed intakes and feed cost per kg gain increased significantly (P<0.05) with increasing levels of the diets. Mean cell haemoglobin (MCH), mean cell haemoglobin concentration, (MCHC) and mean cell volume (MCV) were not significantly (P>0.05) affected. Significant (P<0.05) differences existed among treatments in haemoglobin concentration (Hb), packed cell volume (PCV), red blood cell count (RBC) and white blood cell count (WBC). Based on the results obtained in the study, it was concluded that up to 10%toasted bambara nut offal can be included in enzyme supplemented broiler starter diet without adverse effects on the performance and haematological indices of broiler chicks.
Keywords: Anak strain; Cost implication; Feed intake; Haematological indices; Red blood cell count Livestock