ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)
Volume 93 Special Issue 1, July 2016 International Breadfruit Conference
Research Papers
Physiological manifestations of chilling injury in breadnut (Artocarpus camansi Blanco). (149)
The breadnut or chataigne qualifies as a commodity with a unique flavour, high fibre content, high percentage of complex carbohydrates and the ability to be utilized in a myriad of ways. However, the fruit is highly perishable with a shelf life of not more than 2 days under ambient conditions. The breadnut is also very chilling-sensitive if stored below 5 to 6 degree Celsius and chilling injury is a major limitation during transport, distribution, and display under refrigerated conditions. Studies were conducted to determine the physiological manifestations of chilling injury when fruits were individually seal-packaged in low density polyethylene bags (LDPE) and paper bags (control) at 5 to 6 degree Celsius up to 8 days. Chilling injury symptoms of whole fruits stored in paper bags were evident after 4 days at 5 to 6 degree Celsius. Appearance of visible chilling injury symptoms were seen on the spines and skin which changed from a bright green to a dull green colour and eventually to a uniform brown colour over time. Other symptoms included water-soaked areas, translucency of seed internal tissue, irregular brown coalesced sheet pitted lesions on seed surface, invasive browning from seed perimeter into seed internal tissue, detrimental flavour changes, increased water loss and increased susceptibility to secondary infections. These symptoms became more severe when fruits were transferred to 20 to 22 degree Celsius for 1 or 2 days respectively. However, when fruits were individually seal-packaged in LDPE bags, visible evidence of chilling injury were not apparent until 8 days at 5 to 6 degree Celsius plus 2 days upon transfer to 20 to 22 degree Celsius. Thus, the modified atmosphere created within the sealed bags as well as the prevalence of high relative humidity delayed the appearance of visible chilling symptoms.
Keywords: Breadnut, chataigne, chilling injury, bioelectrical resistance, electrolyte leakage