ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)
Volume 94 Number 3
Research Papers
A study of the apparent digestibility of phytochemical factors in diets of grass legume and crop by-product concentrate mixtures fed to young goats, Capra hircus L1758: Saponin, tannin, phytate, oxalate and hydrocyanide. a.
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Twenty (20) West African Dwarf Does of average weight of 5±0.58 kg aged between 3 and 6 months were used to determine the effect of varying proportions of Andropogon gayanus kunth (Ag) and Gliricidia sepium Wacq.) Walp (Gs) fed with cassava offal based diets on the apparent digestibility. The five (5) treatments were I (Gs0); 100% Ag + 0% Gs; II (Gs25) 75% Ag +25%Gs; III (Gs50); 50%Ag +50% Gs; IV (Gs 75); 25% Ag+ 75% Gs; V (Gs100); ) 0% Ag + Gs100.Saponin digestibility (%) was lowest in Gs100 (99.61)and highest (P>0.05) in Gs0(99.79).Gs100 had lowest (98.63) and Gs 25 (P<0.05) had highest (P<0.05) Tannin digestibility (99.39). Phytate digestibility was lowest in Gs75(98.26) and highest (P>0.05) in Gs50(99.51) while Oxalate digestibility was lowest in Gs100 (97.32) and highest (P<0.05) in Gs 100(99.20) and highest (P<0.05). HCN digestibility occurred in Gs0 (100) and lowest in Gs 75 and 100 (99.94). No definite pattern of digestibility was established in relation to levels of these factors consumed but it was evident the goats (does) utilized all the phytochemical (antinutritional) factors satisfactorily.
Keywords: Grass-legume, cassava- offal, W.A.D.-Does, metabolites-digestibility