ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)
Volume 85 Number 4
Research Papers
Efficiency of private entrepreneurs in the Nigerian capture fisheries: An econometric Analysis
There is a general shortage in the domestic fish supply level of Nigerians most of whom consume mostly fish-based animal protein. The artisanal fisheries, which dominates the Nigerian fisheries sub-sector needs to be thoroughly investigated. This study therefore investigated the factors responsible for the low fish catch in artisanal fish industry. A-two stage sampling technique was used in the collection of primary data. The first stage involved a random selection of five out of the eight maritime states in the country. From each state a random sample of private operators of a manual propulsion technology (MPT) and outboard engine technology (OET) was selected with probability proportionate to size of each fishing technology. A total of 150 samples comprising of 90 private operators of MPT and 60 of OET were analyzed. Information were obtained on the types of fishing technology, fish catch rate, available credit facilities, input costs and use of labour. Results indicated that the weekly average catch level for the MPT operators was 34.5kg which represents only 50.2% of the 68.7 kg for the OET operators. Labour use, with coefficient of 0.88 and baits with coefficient of 0.56 have positive and significant effects on the level of fish catch for the MPT operators ( P<0.01). For OET labour (0.81), fuel (2.05), credit use (0.48) and ice blocks (0.69) are the key determinants of fish catch level (P< 0.05). The mean technical efficiency (TE) of 63.26% for the MNPF operators is however lower than 83.01% for the OET operators. The use of motorized fishing technology is determined by education (0.95), fishing distance (2.14) and fish catch level (0.82) ( P <0.01). Technical efficiency level of the private OBEF operators can be improved through the provision of better education, selection of the appropriate net size and steady access to extension services.
Keywords: Private entrepreneurship; technical efficiency; fishing technologies; capture fisheries; stochastic frontier.