ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)
Volume 82 Number 3
Research Papers
An efficient nutrient management system for a groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)-maize (Zea mays L.) cropping system in Karnataka, India. (183)
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An investigation was carried out during 2001-2003 at Regional Agricultural Research Station, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India, to study the effect of different organic manures on groundnut and their residual effect on maize in groundnut-maize cropping system. Application of organic manures, viz., composted poultry manure or sewage sludge or enriched urban garbage compost at the rate equal to recommended N to groundnut and inorganic NPK fertilizers to maize based on Soil Test Crop Response for targeted yield approach recorded higher net returns (U.S. $1459.00 ha-1) and benefit:cost ratio (3.40). Among different organic manures, composted poultry manure, sewage sludge, and enriched urban garbage compost had higher residual effect on succeeding maize crop in groundnut-maize cropping system.
Keywords: Groundnut; Maize; Organic manures; STCR Approach; Residual effect