ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)
Volume 88 Number 4
Research Papers
Forage and grain yield of dual-purpose wheat as affected by sowing time and cutting schedule under sub-temperate region of Indian Himalayas. (202)
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In sub-temperate region of Indian Himalayas availability of green fodder is very inadequate during the winter due to prevalence of low temperature and limited irrigation. Dual-purpose wheat which can provide both fodder as well as grain is a suitable option under such situation. In the present investigation effect of sowing time and cutting schedules was studied to increase the green fodder availability during lean period (December- February). Green forage as well as dry matter yield was not affected significantly due to different time of sowing; however, cutting duration significantly affected the green and dry fodder yield of dual-purpose wheat. Late sowing of dual- purpose wheat (15 Nov) produced 20 and 18 per cent less green and dry fodder yield, respectively than 15 Oct sowing (4994 and 1059 Kg/ha). Yield attributing characters of dual-purpose wheat variety got affected significantly by the different dates of sowing. However, they did not differ significantly due to different cutting durations. October 15 sowing produced 21 and 20 percent higher gain yield than November 15 sowing during 2001-02 (28.32 q/ha) and 2002-03 (3055 Kg/ha). Similarly, straw yield was 16 and 30 per cent higher than November 15 sowing during first year (7246 Kg/ha) and second year (6540 Kg/ha), respectively. To have more green fodder and grain yield the dual-purpose wheat should be sown by mid of October and cut can be taken between 70 to 90 DAS.
Keywords: Sowing date, cutting management, fodder yield, dual-purpose wheat