ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)

Volume 48 Number 3

  • Research Papers

  • A Proposed International Scale for Estimating Intensity of Banana Leaf Spot (Mycosphaerella musicola Leach)

    R.H. Stover

  • Some Dairy Characteristics of Northern Sudan Zebu Cattle I. The Components of the Lactation Curve


  • Some Dairy Characteristics of Northern Sudan Zebu Cattle II- Inheritance of some Reproductive and Milk Production Traits


  • Observations on the White Fulani (Bunaji) Zebu Cattle of Northern Nigeria in a Southern Nigeria Environment I - Factors Influencing the Birth Weight of Calves at Ibadan

    , and

  • The Mineral Status of Dairy Farms in Eastern Uganda I-Ecology and Soils


  • Some Studies on the Digestibility of Pangola Grass (Digitaria decumbens Stent.) in Jamaica


  • Effects of N, P, Mg, K and Soils upon Oil Palm Yields in Sierra Leone


  • Transport of Bananas at Ambient Temperatures using Polyethylene Bags

    , , , and

  • The Distribution and Sampling of the Adult Froghopper Aeneolamia varia saccharina Dist. (Homoptera: Cercopidae) on Sugar-cane

    D.E. Evans

  • The Effect of Cassava Mosaic Virus Injection on the Metabolism of Cassava Leaves

    , and

  • A Comparative Study of the Development of Young Tea under Irrigation II- Continued Growth in the Field

    S.T. Willatt

  • Inheritance of Flowering Date in Cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. )

    O.A. Ojomo

  • Effects of Climate on Rate of Banana Leaf Production

    D.W. Turner

  • Book Review

  • BOOK REVIEW By P.M. - Performance Recording in Sheep

    J.B. Owen

  • BOOK REVIEW By P.M. - The Sino-American Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction

    T.H. Shen

  • BOOK REVIEW By P.M. - Agriculture in Uganda

    J.D. Jameson