ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)

Volume 51 Number 2

  • Research Papers

  • Intensive multiple cropping

    R. Bradfield

  • Formation of the lithified carapace of calcareous nature which covers most of the Yucatan peninsula and its relation to the soils and geomorphology of the region


  • Iron-silica interactions: mobility of the crystalline iron compounds

    Lj. Nalovic

  • Toposequences in Soils of Central Trinidad

    H. Vine

  • Soil associations on volcanic material in tropical America with special reference to Martinique and Guadeloupe


  • Determination of the amount of carbon and the isotopic ratio 14C: 12C of a ferrallitic horizon under isovolumetric weathering in the humid tropical region of Bahia (Brazil)

    , and

  • Molecular weights of humic acids in podzol and ferrallitic soils of the savannas of French Guyana and their evolution related to soil moisture

    J.F. Turenne

  • A review of work on nitrogen in West Indian soils

    I.S. Cornforth

  • Long term changes in potassium, magnesium and calcium content of banana plants and soils in the Windward Islands

    J.H.L. Messing

  • A double pot technique for rapid soil testing

    B.H. Janssen

  • Effect of nitrate inhibition and slow release nitrogen fertilizers on nitrification rates in some Trinidad soils


  • Forms of soil phosphate and their availability to plants

    R. Pinto

  • Potassium supplying capacity of some Venezuelan soils

    N. Rodriguez

  • Examples of anion and cation adsorption by -soils of tropical America*

    R.L. Fox

  • Studies of cation exchange in some soils of Central Trinidad

    H. Vine

  • Effect of lime and nitrogen application on citrus yields and on the downward movement of calcium and magnesium in a soil

    C.C. Weir

  • Efficiency of five phosphate fertilizer sources in soils with different phosphate fixing capacities


  • Use and limitations of the North Carolina method to predict available phosphorus in some oxisols


  • Sulphur investigations in some West Indian soils


  • Mechanism and extent of adsorption of urea by some Trinidad soils

    R.C. Dalal

  • Root room

    F. Hardy

  • Physical properties related to clay minerals in soils of the Caribbean

    B.P. Warkentin

  • Effects of filter-press mud on soil physical conditions in a sandy soil

    C.L. Paul

  • Factors influencing regeneration of natural vegetation on reformed Scotland District soils of Barbados

    , and

  • Use of large soil monoliths in the study of soil/ plant relationships

    J.C. Hudson

  • Soil erosion on three Tobago soils


  • Influence of mechanical forest clearing on soil conditions and the resulting effects on root growth

    R. Van Der Weert

  • Crop productivity as affected by depths of topsoil spread for reclaiming bauxite-mined lands in Jamaica

    G.W. Morgan

  • Fertilizer response of groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea) on two soils of Jamaica

    H.W. Payne

  • Quantitative and qualitative composition of the plant parasitic nematode population associated with tobacco in Trinidad