ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)

Volume 56 Number 2

  • Research Papers

  • Response of maize varieties to environment in West Africa


  • Growth and yield of cabbage Cultivars in a lowland tropical environment

    C.N. Williams

  • Weed control in cold tolerant sorghum

    H. Van Arkel

  • N utilization and economics of some intercropped systems in tropical countries


  • Yield of local sorghum (Sorghum vulgare) cultivars and their mixtures in northern Ghana

    H. Mercer-Quarshie

  • Raw or roasted groundnuts as a partial protein and energy source in rations for growing pigs


  • Evaluation of K availability indices for Malawi ferrisols cropped to tea (Camellia Sinensis)

    J.H.A. Maida

  • The utility of phosphate sorption curves for transferring soil management information

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  • Effect of altering the pH of an acid Red soil from Bangladesh on mineral-nitrogen changes during aerobic incubation


  • Fungicide application together with cultural practices to control cocoa diseases in Ecuador

    D.K. Cronshaw

  • Internally seedborne fungi of soya bean in Puerto Rico and their effect on seed germination and field emergence

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  • Virus-like particles and cytoplasmic inclusions associated with diseased Dioscorea rotundata Poir from Nigeria


  • Book Review

  • BOOK REVIEW By A.L.D. - Water, Wastes and Health in Hot Climates

    , and

  • BOOK REVIEW By C.D.A. - Flora Zambesiaca Vol. IV

    E. Launert

  • BOOK REVIEW By R.K.R. - An Introduction to Animal Husbandry in the Tropics


  • BOOK REVIEW By C.R. McD - Crop Physiology

    L.T. Evans