ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)

Volume 59 Number 1

  • Research Papers

  • Some ideas on botanical research on rubber

    N.W. Simmonds

  • Genetic analysis of some morphological, physiological and biochemical characters associated with yield and quality in tea (Camellia sinensis L.)

    P.A. Pool

  • Influence of mother leaf of cutting and of time and frequency of disbudding and decapitation of the new shoot on growth of young tea, Camellia sinensis (L.)


  • Experiments on the storage of limes at tropical ambient temperature


  • Investigation of the characteristics of a traditional natural convection cocoa dryer


  • Performance of Desmodium ovalifolium Wall. in legume-grass associations

    B. Grof

  • Soil physical properties and sugar-cane root and shoot growth on Louisiana banks after conversion from cambered beds field layout in Trinidad, WI


  • Developing a simple yet practical method of soil-loss estimation


  • Phosphate sorption isotherms and fertiliser response of oil palms on Solomon Islands soils

    , and

  • Nitrogenase activity in soils of Trinidad & Tobago


  • Variation in storage root protein content in winged beans, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC

    , , and

  • Thermo-ammoniation of maize stover


  • Book Review

  • BOOK REVIEW By C.D. Adams - Tropical botany


  • BOOK REVIEW By C.R. McDavid - Weed-crop competition - a review

    Robert L. Zimdahl

  • BOOK REVIEW By F.W. Cope - World soybean research conference II: Proceedings

    Frederick T. Corbin

  • BOOK REVIEW By F.W. Cope - Tree and field crops of the wetter regions of the tropics


  • BOOK REVIEW By F.W. Cope - Sago: The equatorial swamp as a natural resource


  • BOOK REVIEW By D. Raj Kumar - Tropical fruits

    J.A. Samson

  • BOOK REVIEW By F.W. Cope - National seminar on banana production technology

    C.R. Muthukrishnan

  • BOOK REVIEW By F.W. Cope - Cereal straw

    A.R. Staniforth

  • BOOK REVIEW By K. Wignarajah - Applied soil trace elements

    Brian E. Davies

  • BOOK REVIEW By J.S. Kenny - Human ecology in savanna environments

    David R. Harris