ISSN: 0041-3216

ISSN: 0041-3216 (Online), 0041-3216 (Print)

Volume 80 Number 1

  • Research Papers

  • Maize response to green manure under the humid tropical conditions of south-eastern Nigeria. (01)

    , and

  • Factors affecting soil temperature under plastic mulches. (06)

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  • Groundwater salinity and depth effects on soil salinity in a furrow-irrigated area in Kenya. (14)


  • Repellent effect of ackee (Blighia sapida Koenig) component fruit parts against stored-product insect pests. (19)


  • Effects of co-inoculation of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and Bradyrhizobium sp. (Vigna) on growth and yield of green gram [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek]. (28)

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  • Evaluation of rhizobial (Rhizobium sp.) isolates for their effects on cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] growth and yield. (36)

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  • Bean characteristics of progenies of upper Amazon cacao in Ghana. (41)


  • Integrated weed management improves grain sorghum growth and yield on Vertisols. (48)

    A. Ramakrishna

  • Research Notes

  • Effects of nursery beds and different sizes of polythene bags on germination, growth, and development of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) seedlings. (54)

    U.M. Ndubuaku

  • Effect of feeding sunflower seed meal, neem kernel meal, and rapeseed meal on growth performance of Japanese quail. (59)

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  • Nigerian rice farmers' use of indigenous agricultural practices. (64)