Volume 9 (1994)

  • Articles
  • The union (or standard) mortgage clause in Anglo-West Indian Insurance law

    Winston Anderson

  • Bilingualism and the law in the Commonwealth Caribbean with particular reference to Jamaica and Guyana

    Celia Blake

  • The Dilemma: The determination of what is taxable income

    Delroy Beckford

  • Earl Pratt and Another v The Attorney general of Jamaica and Another - Reform Jamaican Criminal Justice System

    Curtis Cochrane

  • The Land Acquisition Act of Barbados and its compliance with the right of property under the Constitution

    Nicole Liverpool

  • Adjudicating Common Hire Purchase issues: Consumer Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean

    Andrew Burgess

  • Reputation and the Tort of Slander

    Marlene Malahoo

  • Bank secrecy and its implications in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States

    Shawna Lake

  • The legal redress available for unauthorised access to computerised databases

    Erskine Holmes

  • Fundamental Human Right to a healthy environment in Commonwealth Caribbean law

    Errol Taylor

  • Interpretation of taxing statutes

    Althea Alexis

  • AIDS, Society and the Law: Discrimination against the HIV/AIDS victim and its relevance to Human Rights and the Constitution

    Larry A.C. Smith

  • An examination of Marx's premise that law is determined and controlled by the economic basis

    Keith Scotland

  • Case Comments
  • Plastics Surgery - Wrongful dismissal in Barbados after Grosvenor v The Advocate Co. Ltd (1993)

    Jeff Cumberbatch

  • Hansard gains judicial recognition - Pepper v Hart

    Robert d'Arceuil