Volume 10 (1995)

  • Articles
  • No donationes mortis causa of land?

    Herbie McKenzie

  • Liability for Tort in personal injury

    Dave Garcia

  • The right of association in Jamaica: A right writ in water?

    Arlean Beckford-Johnson

  • The Jamaica Fair Competition Act 1993: Its role in consumer protection

    Celia Blake

  • Directors' Control over voting rights: The plight of the powerless shareholder

    Natalie Messado

  • Case Comments
  • When is a pardon not a pardon: Duress and the Privy Council

    Trevor Ward

  • Passing off and the new tort of appropriation of personality: The Robert Marley Foundation v Dino Michelle Ltd.

    Therold Fields

  • Status to contract: Matters arising from the privy Council decision in Gladwyn Ophelia King v AG of Barbados

    Robert d'Arceuil