Volume 4 (1981)

  • Articles
  • A Judge sitting on Appeal against his own decision

    Dr. Nicholas J Liverpool

  • The non-issue of the demise of the United Kingdom Parliament

    Verne W Richards

  • Everybody's guide to the Doctrine of Renvoi in English Conflict of Laws: Or how to understand the doctrine of renvoi without reading lengthy textbooks

    Neville Bissember

  • A comparative critique of the Judicial function from a Marxist and American Realist perspective

    Emile Ferdinand

  • The 'Realist' approach to Statutory Interpretation

    Rohan Chandan

  • Case Comments
  • Judicial precedent in the Caribbean: A note on Attorney General of St. Christopher v Reynolds

    John Emile Ferdinand

  • Legislative Commentary
  • Notes on The Barbados Domicile Reform Act 1979

    Douglas Mendes