Volume 11 (1996)

  • Articles
  • Two cases on newspaper headlines and the law of defamation

    Graeme Broadbent

  • Proper Law of Tort in Commonwealth Private International Law

    Robert d'Arceuil

  • The impact of the Caribbean Environment Programme on Caribbean Environmental Law

    Julianne Mais

  • The doctrine of ultra vires - Myth or reality in Barbados

    Ann Christian

  • Taxation and deposit administration contracts: Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) v BIR

    Lesley Walcott

  • Friends or Fallacies? Some standard cases explored

    Clifford Hall

  • Louisy J's one line exposition of the power of Parliament to tax - Is it valid under modern West Indian Constitutions?

    Andrew Dalip

  • The Caribbean Court of Appeal: The Final Appellate Conflict

    Kent Gammon

  • The Trinidad and Tobago Companies Act 1995: A welcome mechanism for change

    Alexei McKell

  • The Caribbean States: To be or not to be in NAFTA?

    Siobhan Alexander

  • Case Comments
  • Can directors of companies ever be employees of such companies within the meaning of the Severance Payment Act?

    Clement Lashley

  • The right to a fair hearing in death penalty cases

    Sandra Edun