Volume 14 (1999)

  • Articles
  • The Clinton 'Affair' with Monica Lewinsky: Lessons from the Constitution

    Albert Fiadjoe

  • Prima facie marginalisation: A look for the marginalization of women in Legal Education

    Mark Barrow

  • Women in the workplace and the legislative lacunae and violations of CEDAW

    Mark Barrow

  • The gender bias: A Jamaican perspective

    Yohan Henry

  • To be or not to be within the UN Charter: The legality of UN Peacekeeping and election monitoring

    Adalai Smith

  • The privileges and immunities of staff of the International Organisations

    Chantal Ononaiwu

  • The WTO ruling on the European Communities: The regime for the importation, sale and distribution of bananas and its implications for the Caribbean banana producers

    Tracy Samuel

  • The Caribbean Court of Appeal: Another view

    Janyves Remy

  • Compulsory Acquisitions in the OECS and the International Standard

    Jamal Smith

  • Case notes on action against public authorities and the role of restitution law

    Zanifa McDowell

  • Justification of the law of restitution as a substantial subject

    Eddy Ventose

  • Restitutionary recovery of money and taxes against The State: A developing jurisprudence

    Eddy Ventose

  • The Sentinel is at the door of Cabinet!

    Hugh Rawlins

  • Another look at Pepper v Hart

    Sylna Ambris

  • Journey to Justice fortified: The entrapment dilemma

    Natalie H-Diop