Volume 13 (1998)

  • Articles
  • Tax avoidance: the Ramsay principle

    Gillian Vidal-Jules

  • Judicial Legislation v Legal principles: A "hard case" to decide

    Donovon Dorsett

  • Natural rights, natural law and Commonwealth Caribbean constitutions

    Eddy D Ventose

  • The injustice within the justice system

    Michelle Forbes

  • The Jamaica Sexual Offences Amendment Bill (1995): Revealing the gender of the law

    Deidre Powell

  • Children's rights in the Commonwealth Caribbean and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Zanifa McDowell

  • National treatment of foreign investors: An interpretative analysis

    Dave Waithe

  • The relationship of the Security Council and the General Assembly in the maintenance of International Peace and Security: A true construction

    Dave Waithe

  • An analysis of the competing theories of the pre-crystallisation nature of the floating charge

    Cherita Symmonette

  • Case Comments
  • Superintendent Jack and Another v Hosein

    Zanifa McDowell

  • Commentary
  • The rise of Public Law in the Caribbean

    Albert K Fiadjoe