Volume 20 (2003)

  • Articles
  • Differentiated Integration in the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas

    Kirk Haywood

  • Determining of determination: A conundrum worthy of note

    Winston Anderson

  • Death penalty - the role of international law

    Peta-gaye Adams

  • Amending to hang - The Constitution, Privy Council and Human Rights

    Albert Fiadjoe

  • CARICOM Model legislation on Equal Pay

    Kalaycia Clarke

  • Marital rape in Jamaica: Gender, legal and Human Rights Considerations

    Kenneth Baskin Scarlett

  • Feminism and the law

    Melissa Sims

  • Where is the Volksgeist in Commonwealth Caribbean Law?

    Creig Kinch

  • A bird's eye view: Whether or not considerations of poverty should be included in the legislating of sanctions

    Simone Bowie

  • Child labour - The hidden and elusive profession: A jurisprudential analysis

    Trudy-Ann Dixon

  • The practice of democratic governance: A critique of the principle of freedom of the press

    Marshalee White

  • Understanding the Mareva Injunction

    Julianne Mais-Cox

  • The challenges of the Internet and E-commerce to the efficacy of national tax regimes

    Deloris Thompson

  • Prudence and Democratic governance

    Professor Simeon McKintosh

  • Reading our constitutions

    Professor Simeon McKintosh

  • Constitutional reform in Trinidad & Tobago - challenging a political aphelion

    Christopher Sieuchand