Volume 24 (2007)

  • Articles
  • Four criticisms of the freedom of movement of workers in the CARICOM single market a

    Jewelle Ann Maynard

  • Defensive tactics: Corporate weapons of mass destruction

    Sundiata Gibbs

  • An analysis of the duties of directors upon insolvency

    Ariana Krisinjee

  • The legality and legitimacy of Saddam Hussein's trial under international law

    Vanica Sobers

  • Women and the law: A feminist treatment of gender inequality in Islamic society and culture

    Cindy Daniel

  • Once upon a time, in a time not too long ago...

    Sumaya Desai

  • Conflict of dignities - Discrimination at God's will

    Knijah Knowles

  • The power of taxation and the individual right to property: maintaining the balance

    Kristen Edwards

  • The evolution of the trade union in England and the Caribbean

    Jonathan Soo Han

  • The Privy Council decision in Jamaica Flour Mills v National Workers Union

    Alana Braithwaite

  • Case Comments
  • Social Masters on the legal stage: The phenomenon of the battle between Church and State in the socio-legal arena

    Johannan Lafeuille

  • Where armed means harm: Principle and policy are paramount

    Dale Austin

  • Batting for both teams: Juggling two sets of irreconcilable contractual duties

    Maria Kodilinye