Current Issue

Volume 26 (2009)

  • Articles
  • The fate of small and vulnerable economies in the world trade system: A Caribbean Perspective

    Thandiwe Lyle

  • Stakeholder philosophy and Commonwealth Caribbean company law

    Anika Gray

  • The case for a sexual assault policy at the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill)

    Anika Gray

  • Protecting a common humanity: Re-thinking the use of force for humanitarian intervention in international human rights law

    Merrick Ricardo Watson

  • Authenticity: Myth or reality

    Krystal Brown

  • Resisting the perceptible trend towards a duty to state reasons "Marshall v The Director of Public Prosecutions" - Revisited

    Duwayne Charles Lawrence

  • Human Rights in perspective: The journey has just begun

    Sade Jemmott

  • Child support: a blessing or a curse?

    khadeen Palmer

  • The separation of powers doctrine: Figment of the legal imagination or entrenched reality

    , and

  • Police brutality of offenders should be maintained in cases of arrest, questioning and to keep general law and order

    Courtney Smith