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Number 24

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  • Notes on Contributors

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  • Identifying the Quantum and Nature of Skills Transfer from Research to Professional and Technical Writing by a Group of University Students

    Claudette Coote-Thompson

  • Science Students' Perceptions of the Use of WhatsApp, Read Aloud, and Tutor Scaffolding for Self-initiated Learning in a Discipline-specific Writing Course

    Carmeneta Jones

  • Peer Review of Classroom Teaching: Addressing Student, Lecturer, and Institutional Improvement Using an Academic Literacy Approach

    Debra Ferdinand-James and Claudette Medina-Charles

  • The Significance of Information Literacy Instruction in the Preparation of Jamaican Students for Tertiary Studies

    Rosemarie Heath and Rashanna Sinclair

  • Teaching and Defining Literacy Through a Sociocultural Lens

    Kemoy Shureen Edwards

  • Academic Literacies in Computing at The UWI

    Daniel T. Fokum, Daniel N. Coore and Gunjan Mansingh

  • Jamaican Students’ Confidence, Sociolinguistic Background, and Oral Performance in Standard English

    Elizabeth Montoya-Stemann

  • Revisiting the Work of Dennis Craig in Light of Teacher Preparation for the English Language Secondary School Classroom

    Yewande Lewis-Fokum

  • Post-hoc: Prayer of a Bewildered University Lecturer

    Paulette A. Ramsay

  • The Significance of Translation Literacy in the Higher Education Classroom

    Tamara de Ines Anton

  • Foreign Language Acquisition: The Teaching/Learning of Spanish in the Jamaican Context

    Nadine Barnett and Anthonesha Henry

  • Academic Literacies in Foreign Language Acquisition: Challenges, Strategies, and Practices

    Maite Villoria Nolla

  • The Teaching of Spanish and the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Jamaica

    Ossain Cesar MartĂ­nez Moreno

  • One Hundred Years of Literary Indulgence

    Paulette A. Ramsay

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  • Reviewers for Issue