ISSN: 0799-1487

Number 23 (2019)

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Notes on Contributors

  • Editorial Board
  • Editorial Board

  • Editorial
  • "The Humanities and Education in Focus"

    Ingrid McLaren and Paulette A. Ramsay

  • Articles
  • The Humanities in a Local Context: Developing Critical Thinkers for a Diverse World

    Paulette A. Ramsay

  • The Relevance of History in a Digitalised World

    Matthew J. Smith

  • Potent Words, Unique Voices

    Anthea Morrison

  • The Practical Relevance of Philosophy

    Lawrence Bamikole

  • A Lifelong Career in Library Science

    Cheryl Peltier-Davis

  • Beyond Bookish Knowledge

    Bogle Cornel

  • How Foreign Languages Paved My Career Path

    Camille Isaacs-Morrell

  • How the Humanities Opened the Window to the World

    Dave Rodney

  • Humanities Education for Freedom and Socioeconomic Development in Postcolonial Societies

    Wariboko E. Waibinte

  • Literature Education in the Service of Popular Culture

    Aisha Spencer

  • Jamaican Archaeology and High-Tech Human Stories

    Zachary J. M. Beier

  • Digital Technology Media in the Humanities

    Yvette Rowe

  • Mastering the Arts and the Sciences of Animation

    David Soutar

  • Critical Thinking and Career Choices in the Creative Industries

    Ray Hitchins

  • Using Films to Study the Past, to Contemplate the Future

    Rachel Moseley-Wood

  • Reinvigorating the Humanities at the UWI to Create Exciting Futures and Vibrant Societies

    Glenford D. Howe and Halima-Saadia Kassim