ISSN: 0799-1487

Number 21 (2016)

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  • Editorial Board

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Notes on Contributors

  • Editorial
  • Learner Autonomy: Learner Autonomy and the University of the Global Future

    Paulette A. Ramsay

  • Articles
  • Learner Autonomy as a Means to Improve Pass Rates Among First-Year Computing Students

    Daniel T. Fokum, Daniel N. Coore and Curtis Busby-Earle

  • Enhancing Learner Autonomy in Foreign Language Instruction through Contextualized Activities

    Yolanda Palmer-Clarke

  • A Case for Academic Literacies: Informed Needs Analysis

    Pamela Rose

  • Continuous Curriculum Development: An Approach for Quality Curriculum Development in the Caribbean

    Mervin E. Chisholm

  • The Hidden Curriculum and Learner Autonomy: Fostering Pedagogical and Professional Development in Pre- and In-service Teachers of English

    Schontal Moore and Yewande Lewis-Fokum

  • Book Review
  • School-Based Assessment in a Caribbean Public Examination by Stafford Griffith

    Charles Ball

  • Reviewers for Issue
  • Reviewers for Issue