ISSN: 0799-1487

Academic Literacies in Foreign Language Acquisition: Challenges, Strategies, and Practices

Maite Villoria Nolla

In our multicultural and multilingual societies, where there is a growth of students’ mobility and intercultural exchange, the old certainties of cognitive homogeneity which advocated for traditional foreign language teaching and learning are no longer suitable. In this context, university foreign language departments need to adapt accordingly to comply with the productive abilities and critical thinking demanded in the academic environment, bringing up new initiatives and practices to equip students beyond functional language learning.

This paper defines reading and writing as essential learning tools, allowing for cultural access and enhancing students’ critical thinking. From such definition, the current research seeks to identify the links between reading, writing and foreign language learning and explores the possibilities academic literacy offers in students’ learning process. In addition, the paper discusses the ways in which reading and writing empower foreign language students not only to overcome the possible challenges they face when learning a foreign language, but also to perform effectively in a globalised, complex and multilingual world.

Section: Articles
Issue: Number 24