ISSN: 0799-1487

Foreign Language Acquisition: The Teaching/Learning of Spanish in the Jamaican Context

Nadine Barnett and Anthonesha Henry

This conceptual/theoretical paper highlights the teaching/learning of Spanish as a foreign language (FL) in an English-based creole-speaking country, Jamaica, and the challenges and relevant theories that arise in such a context. Attention is paid to the teaching/learning of Spanish in all four skills among students at the tertiary level. Learning Spanish as a FL continues to present a difficulty for these students and this challenge often translates into poor performance. In addition to the interference of Jamaican Creole, various individual differences to FL acquisition play an integral role in achieving competence in the FL. We propose that the approach to the teaching/learning of a FL in the Jamaican context should be eclectic in order to cater to the varying learning abilities and gradations of students in any given classroom. The educator who understands the theories and practices of FL acquisition is equipped to successfully employ effective teaching methodologies.
Section: Articles
Issue: Number 24