ISSN: 0799-1487

Revisiting the Work of Dennis Craig in Light of Teacher Preparation for the English Language Secondary School Classroom

Yewande Lewis-Fokum

This paper is a critical inquiry into the work of Dennis Craig and its usefulness to the Jamaican classroom in terms of improving academic literacies. It is a conceptual paper which also includes examples from classroom activities at the tertiary level in preparing pre-service teachers to teach in the secondary school English language classroom within a Creole-speaking context.

This focus on rethinking Craig’s work is important because his research has formed the foundation for many scholars. However, I contend that there needs to be more research in terms of operationalising some of Craig’s pedagogical recommendations. Otherwise, our English language classrooms will remain untransformed with many teachers teaching under the false assumption that many students are native speakers of English, or that basic interpersonal English is sufficient for every context. Therefore, in this paper, Craig’s Augmented Language Experience Approach is revisited with the aim of simplifying it for use in the classroom.

Section: Articles
Issue: Number 24