ISSN: 0799-1487

Academic Literacies in Computing at The UWI

Daniel T. Fokum, Daniel N. Coore and Gunjan Mansingh

Academic literacy involves writing well, reading comprehension and critical thinking. At The University of the West Indies (UWI), Foundation courses are one vehicle for developing academic literacy. We examined the relationships between the average performance in UWI Foundation courses and performance in four core advanced Computing courses at UWI as well as the overall average Computing performance. Of the four core courses examined, two are heavily quantitative with minimal writing, and the other two involve projects that require substantial reports to be written. Interestingly, there were statistically significant associations between performance in the UWI Foundation courses and the quantitative core Computing courses and also the overall Computing performance, but not with one of the project courses. We present the data supporting these findings and explore the reasons that might explain these observations.
Section: Articles
Issue: Number 24