ISSN: 0799-1487

The Significance of Information Literacy Instruction in the Preparation of Jamaican Students for Tertiary Studies

Rosemarie Heath and Rashanna Sinclair

Information handling skills have become critical to the individual’s survival in the 21st century as these skills facilitate critical thinking and the forming of opinions, as well as the ability to evaluate sources and make decisions. Many students, upon entering tertiary institutions, struggle to cope with the information demands of tertiary level education. A more aggressive approach is needed at the secondary level to aid in a smooth transition to the tertiary level. In Jamaica there are no standards for school libraries nor is there a formal curriculum for information literacy instruction in schools. This paper will act as a guide for policy makers, educators and information professionals as it explores the nature and importance of information literacy in education, examines the current state of information literacy instruction in the Jamaican school system, and offers recommendations for the development of Information Literacy Instruction (ILI) in Jamaican schools.
Section: Articles
Issue: Number 24