ISSN: 0799-1487

Peer Review of Classroom Teaching: Addressing Student, Lecturer, and Institutional Improvement Using an Academic Literacy Approach

Debra Ferdinand-James and Claudette Medina-Charles

Academic literacy has continued to gain momentum as a disciplinary field over the past twenty years, employing diverse approaches to include a focus on student, lecturer, and institutional issues. These approaches informed a graded review quiz intervention resulting from peer review feedback of teaching by an expert teacher. Used as stimulus material, these quizzes helped to close gaps in students’ knowledge of the previous lesson to cue their understanding of the new lesson material. Correction of these review quizzes took place immediately upon completion in class. Notably, on commencement of these quizzes, students’ punctuality and course attendance increased to almost 100%; student engagement, overall student performance, and retention of course material improved considerably by them having to prepare for the quizzes. The lecturer’s classroom delivery also benefitted by drawing out quiet students; learning students’ names; lecturer-student interaction; and teacher repetition for affirming students’ answers, thereby making the intervention effective.
Section: Articles
Issue: Number 24