ISSN: 0799-1487

Mastering the Arts and the Sciences of Animation

David Soutar

The development of a diverse and highly-skilled creative workforce is essential to creating a sustainable animation sector. The foundation for this has to be laid in the primary, prep and all-age schools throughout the country, including the introduction to visual art at an early age. Putting high school students into boxes called arts on the one hand, and sciences, on the other, can frustrate those who want a career in both arts and sciences, through pursuits such as animation and game design. The future of Jamaica's animation industry is being advanced by educational institutions and small firms led by visionaries and staffed by creative people passionate about animation and storytelling. The future of Jamaica's fledgling animation sector rests in the hands, literally, of the current generation of young animation enthusiasts sitting in front of their televisions and computers knowing that they can become not just consumers of foreign animation, but also creators of local animated content through multifaceted training and a broad-based education.

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