ISSN: 0799-1487

Humanities Education for Freedom and Socioeconomic Development in Postcolonial Societies

Wariboko E. Waibinte

In varying degrees, many of the contemporary socioeconomic and political problems of postcolonial societies in the twenty-first century are still traceable directly to their colonial past and their current disadvantageous locations within the postcolonial global capitalist system. This system has over the centuries, with very little modifications, promoted and sustained the exploitative forms of economic relationships between the erstwhile colonial societies and the industrialised (or post-industrialised) societies within the global capitalist system. Postcolonial studies in humanities education and the social sciences have shed useful light on the contradictions inherent in the existing international division of labour and their implications for the practice of freedom, cultural and socioeconomic development in postcolonial societies. We need more critical and relevant humanities education and the social sciences, not less, to also more fully understand the gapping technological divide between the rich and poor countries of the world that has worked to widen and nourish the existing international division of labour in the twenty-first century.
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