ISSN: 0799-1487

How Foreign Languages Paved My Career Path

Camille Isaacs-Morrell

Tells that the author learnt foreign languages and excelled in history, English language and literature at high school. Goes onto describe her desire to 'do something' to change Jamaica in the 1970s and life at The University of the West Indies pursuing a Bachelors in Language and Linguistic Studies. During her time in the BA programme at UWI the author mastered the skills of critical, innovative thinking, effective communication, and the ability to quickly adapt to new business situations. Beyond academic training, along with classmates, she was deeply involved in student exchange and other organisations. She believes her foundation in the arts and more specifically the degree programme at The UWI, lead her to take an analytic approach that presents diverse opinions and perspectives of various stakeholders, which is critical to understanding and successfully meeting clients' needs.
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