ISSN: 0799-1487

The Practical Relevance of Philosophy

Lawrence Bamikole

If you think that philosophy bears little relevance to societies that are struggling to develop economically and technologically, think again. To those who argue that countries struggling to develop cannot afford to use their meagre resources to support such programmes should consider that development is not only about economic and technological advancement. Development in a broad sense, involves progress in all forms which encompass the physical, mental, ethical and spiritual aspects of the human being. It is only when these various aspects are harnessed that a country's human capacities will be unleashed to experience growth in all facets of society. It is inadequate to relate development to the physical and mental advancement of the person alone while neglecting his or her ethical and spiritual aspects. Embedded in any sensible notions of development, should be the idea that subjects like philosophy are indispensable to the project of moving a nation forward along the path of multidimensional development.

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