ISSN: 0799-1487

In Pursuit of Quality: Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie Reflects

Caroline Dyche

The term 'quality' is one which features so widely in the nomenclature of structures and bodies of The University of the West Indies that it risks going unnoticed; however, the term and its recurrence are more than worthy of attention, being the result of a coordinated plan begun in the mid-1990s to enhance the institution on various fronts. With this QEF journal emanating from the UWI’s foray into what has been called the 'quality assurance movement', and approaching the twentieth anniversary since it was first published in 1999 as the YouWeQ magazine, we sought the insights of a pioneer UWI 'quality' player, Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie (E.L-R), on the journal's raison d'etre and the wider context within which it came into being. Professor Leo-Rhynie, a recipient of the Jamaica national honour, Commander of Distinction, was the first woman to be Principal of a UWI campus and the first woman to have served as both Deputy Principal and Principal.
Keywords: The University of the West Indies; Quality assurance; The UWI Quality Education Forum
Section: Interview