ISSN: 0799-1487

Institutionalising Best Practice in Higher Education in the Caribbean

Caroline Dyche

This year, as The University of the West Indies celebrates its 70th anniversary, a reflective lens is more than in order; it is therefore fitting that this Quality Education Forum (QEF) issue looks back – through the eyes of one of the University's illustrious daughters, Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie – to the 1999 genesis of the QEF journal, and its broad context: the quality assurance (QA) movement. With university education undergoing fundamental changes over these threescore-and-ten years, her recollections suggest that The UWI can be pleased with the initiatives taken in the 1990s to ensure, through a raft of complementary systems and mechanisms, a bedrock of quality for its core business of curriculum, teaching and research.
Keywords: The University of the West Indies; Teaching; Learning; Postsecondary education; Technology; Research; Quality assurance
Section: Editorial