ISSN: 0799-1487

International Election Observation in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Race, Aid and Democratization, by Lisa Ann Vasciannie

Rupert Lewis

This is a path-breaking analysis of the practice of international election observation in a Caribbean context which sheds light on the internal processes of democratisation as reflected in the practice of elections. It also enables the reader to understand the motives behind the assistance given by developed countries. Dr. Lisa Vasciannie evaluates the work of the Commonwealth, the Organization of American States, the European Union, CARICOM, and the Carter Center in elections in the Caribbean over a 47-year period. Most of these observer missions have taken place since the 1990s. She points out that international observers are used primarily in "vulnerable, non-powerful developing states", and the use of observers is not a generalised practice in international relations.
Keywords: Election monitoring; Commonwealth Caribbean; Race; Aid; Democratization
Section: Book Review