ISSN: 0799-1487

Continuous Curriculum Development: An Approach for Quality Curriculum Development in the Caribbean

Mervin E. Chisholm

This is a case study of curriculum reform and reflection on the development of a curriculum reform project in the Anglophone Caribbean. The paper reports on an ongoing project. Four phases of the curriculum reform process were identified which were considered important for the institutionalizing of best practices. These were the curriculum assessment and evaluation, visioning, programme and course development and coordination. An important aspect of the project was to create space for Caribbean concerns to be engaged, to develop the autonomous learner and to deal meaningfully with approaches to the development of the ideal Caribbean person/worker. Some important practical approaches to the process of continuous curriculum development were highlighted, including time, data collection and ongoing quality assurance checks.
Keywords: Continuous curriculum development; Curriculum planning; Caribbeanization; Learner autonomy
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