ISSN: 0799-1487

The School Alone is Not at Fault: A Closer Look at the Report Education and Crime: Evidence from Prison Inmates in Jamaica

Anna Kasafi Perkins

This discussion uses the report Education and crime: Evidence from prison inmates in Jamaica ("The Prison Study") as an entree into an examination of social equity in education, which negatively affects student outcomes, in Jamaica. Using secondary research, it bridges the gaps in the report to flesh out the role of learner characteristics and school practice in student underachievement at secondary level to show that focus on the school is not sufficient. Using the findings of other reports such as the CaPRI Report card on education, this discussion, nevertheless, finds corroboration for the profile of the 'typical' prison inmate – a Jamaican-born male, less than 34 years old, from a single-parent home in either Kingston and St. Andrew or St. Catherine. It concludes by presenting recommendations for improving secondary level learning outcomes in Jamaica.
Keywords: Education; Secondary ;Crime ; Prison inmates ; Single mothers ; Jamaica
Section: Articles