Review Process

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration, provided that neither the complete article nor any part of its essential substance, including, tables or figures has been or will be published or submitted elsewhere, before appearing in the Journal. Abstracts or press reports published in connection with scientific meetings are exempted from the above limitation.

Submissions are received by the editor, reviewed by the editorial board for compliance with the criteria for acceptance and forwarded to two experts in the relevant clinical and / or biomedical specialist field(s) to provide "double-blind" reviews. The Journal aims to return comments to authors within three months. Once reviews are completed and returned to the, Editor a determination will be made and a letter written to the author, with a decision on the status of the submission.

The Journal will reject any submission, where there is reason to believe that animals have been subjected to unnecessary or avoidable pain or distress. In cases where studies have involved the use of live animals, ethics approval from the relevant animal experimentation committee would be required.