HIV Reporting: A Quantitative Study of the Gleaner Company (Media Limited)

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HIV Reporting: A Quantitative Study of the Gleaner Company (Media Limited). (2023). Tout Moun Caribbean Journal of Cultural Studies, 8(1).


It is easy, too easy at times, for us to forget that behind the endeavours of prominent scholars are persons who are directly impacted by their research. The work of Professor Paula Morgan spotlights her commitment to making a tangible difference in improving one’s quality of life, especially for persons living in the Caribbean. Best known for her work in education with a focus on Caribbean literature and culture, it is undoubtedly Professor Morgan’s activism for women and persons with disabilities that stood out to this researcher because her pursuit of knowledge was consistently focused on the plight of vulnerable groups within the region. Like the ethos of this paper, Professor Morgan’s research embodies the fact that academia – in the hands of committed and passionate scholars – yields quantifiably long-lasting results for persons who are at risk of social exclusion.